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Tashala Coley, a Colorado native, brings a wealth of experience from the healthcare industry, having previously worked for Kaiser Permanente. While she may be new to the lending industry, Tashala's ability to quickly adapt to change and challenges sets her apart. 

As a Mortgage Loan Officer, Tashala is poised to embark on her journey in the lending industry. Her commitment to excellence and success aligns seamlessly with Aslan's values, making her a valuable addition to the team.

As a single mom of two boys, Zay (9) and Zadynn (7), Tashala embodies resilience and balance in her life. Positioned as the middle child among her siblings, she values family bonds and cherishes the moments spent with her older brother and younger sister.

Beyond the office, Tashala finds solace and joy in outdoor activities and road trips. Laughter and quality time with her family are central to her interests. Interestingly, her colleagues and clients might be surprised to learn about her passion for painting, a creative outlet that reflects her artistic side.

In summary, Tashala Coley, with her unique blend of professional adaptability, community engagement, and personal passions, is a valuable Mortgage Loan Officer at Aslan, embodying the spirit of success and a commitment to excellence in the lending industry.

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