Join Our Pride 

Sample ImageThere’s good. And better. But after spending years refining your skills and learning the tricks of the trade, you’re ready to join the best.

And that would be us.

We’re Aslan. And our talented Pride just happens to be in the market to hire the industry’s top talent. We’re always looking for those rare individuals wanting to sharpen their claws and team with the most collaborative, most fiercely loyal professionals in home lending.

Aslan is hiring these positions:

Loan Officer
Simply stated, we want a loan officer who is able to put the core values of our Pride’s revered culture into practice. That means being energetic. Assertive. Collaborative. Relentless. Resilient. And critically, optimistic even in the face of real adversity. All the qualities you’d think a lion – or lioness – would have, that’s what we want from this valued member of our team. Only licensed officers need apply.

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