We are Aslan.

A 100% woman-owned, woman-powered team of brilliant, powerful collaborative leaders who refuse to back down. Together, we’ve embraced a woman’s best qualities – her ability to multitask, her capacity to genuinely connect with and care for others – and built a business that capitalizes on those strengths. By doing business differently, we’ve created an amazing, thriving company that in just our fourth year is on track for three-quarters of a billion dollars in funded loans. Reason to roar, indeed.

Meet the lead lionesses of the Aslan Pride. Three women united in the effort to change the very face of the lending industry. Together, our “core three” have built a corporate culture that honors the fiercely loyal nature of our defining symbol. One that is relentlessly “lionhearted” in every expression of the word.

But don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Sometimes the softest of paws sheathe the sharpest of claws. Fair warning to the predatory lenders out there lurking in the tall grass.

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Carrie Gusmus

The lead lioness of our pride, Carrie is absolutely relentless in the protection of her people. That starts with her wonderful family: her husband, Britt, and her children Izzy and Colton. But her tribe extends to include everyone she works with – and every client she works for.

A senior management professional with nearly 30 years of experience, Carrie is committed to the honest goal of positively affecting every life she touches, every day. She’s held to that focus while demonstrating success in aggressive company growth, P&L management, program management and team leadership. And she’s instilled that ambition as the defining ingredient of the Aslan corporate culture.

Carrie is more than an innovative and resourceful critical thinker with a proven history of forging strong relationships. Think of her more as a persistent force of nature, a powerhouse of energy absolutely committed to advancing and protecting the lives of those under her reign. Just like any proud lioness would.

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Jennifer McCain

Meet Jenn, a top-producing loan officer and sales manager here at Aslan. It’s a title she’s worked hard to acquire. But it’s not the most important position she’s earned over the years. As the proud wife to her husband, Scott, for 16 years and the beloved mom to two amazing daughters, Jenn has firsthand knowledge of what a family needs in finding a mortgage that works for them. Whether it’s purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, Jenn will do whatever it takes to produce the customized solution every family deserves.


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Kimberly Starnes

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers,” the author states that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. You can imagine, then, the mastery Aslan’s Kimberly Starnes has acquired over 30 years in commercial, consumer, student and mortgage lending. Kimberly excels at problem solving, using her vast experience to produce the solutions needed for every situation and scenario imaginable. Her understanding of the nuances embedded into every loan helps her clients steer clear of surprises, building trust and earning repeat business from families as they move through different stages of life. Kimberly has been married for 25 years and has two children attending college. And when she’s not following her kids playing sports, you’ll find Kimberly up in the high country four-wheeling with friends.