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Carrie Gusmus

Loan Officer

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1777 S. Harrison Street
Denver, CO 80210

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Never mistake kindness for weakness.

Or caring for delicacy. The lead lioness of our pride, Carrie is absolutely relentless in the protection of her people. That starts with her wonderful family: her husband, Britt, and her children Izzy and Colton. But her tribe extends to include everyone she works with – and every client she works for.

A senior management professional with nearly 30 years of experience, Carrie is committed to the honest goal of positively affecting every life she touches, every day. She’s held to that focus while demonstrating success in aggressive company growth, P&L management, program management and team leadership. And she’s instilled that ambition as the defining ingredient of the Aslan corporate culture.

Carrie is more than an innovative and resourceful critical thinker with a proven history of forging strong relationships. Think of her more as a persistent force of nature, a powerhouse of energy absolutely committed to advancing and protecting the lives of those under her reign. Just like any proud lioness would.

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