More Options. More Opportunities. Why using a broker is better than going with the big box bank

So, you’re looking for a home loan. Conventional wisdom dictates that you jump on the lowest interest rate possible. Simple as that, right?

Turns out, there’s much more to finding the best lending solution than a cursory internet search. Because when you work with a broker instead of a basic retail lender, you gain access to financial options you might not have ever known even existed.

Here’s why: When a borrower works with a retail lender, that borrower can only access the loans the retail lender offers. Not much choice; even less flexibility. But here at Aslan, we have a working relationship with more than 50 lenders, meaning the inventory of options is exponentially larger than what you get from a single source.

No two loans are ever the same. That’s because the needs and wants of every application are unique to every applicant. And of course they would be. With that truth in mind, why settle for anything else than the lending solution that is  just right for you?

Let’s dive a little deeper into why using a broker like Aslan is your best move:

We have loans designed for self-employed borrowers. Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you that working for yourself has many benefits, but securing a loan is next to impossible. Brokers have the bandwidth to explore alternate avenues that retail lenders would never consider.

Brokers, Aslan very much included, have loans for borrowers with low credit scores. That’s an even bigger deal.

Brokers have loans for investors. Loans for borrowers who need “jumbo” financing. Loans for homeowners looking to renovate. Really, loans for other scenarios are too lengthy to mention in this space. It’s worth a call to Aslan to see if we can find the lending solution that delivers for you.

Turns out, more is really more when it comes to finding the loan that’s right for you. Reason enough to turn to a broker like Aslan in starting your search.