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Hello, my name is Alex Turner and a licensed Loan Officer in the state of Colorado. I am a Colorado native and I am passionate about sharing the beauty of Colorado by helping people with their journey through real-estate. At Aslan Home Lending, we provide greater value than versus conventional banks, mortgage lenders, or credit unions. This is what you should expect when working with me: 
When you Call you get me. Period. You know exactly who you are getting when you call. No 800 numbers, no waiting on hold. I answer your questions right when you want them answered. 
I Find the best rates and terms. As a mortgage broker, I have the ability to shop the market for the lowest interest rates and the cheapest closing cost, ultimately saving you money at the closing table. I can shop over 50 different investors to find the best terms to meet anyone’s unique situation. 
I believe in the "road map analogy." When you use your google maps what is the first question google ask you? It is not where you want to go. The first field in google maps is where you are located (our phones just auto fill it for us). The same is true with personal finance. If you want to get to "home ownership", you first must determine where you are financially. I am here to be the guide - give you the next steps - to get to where you want to go; whether it be today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now. 
Everyone's journey is different and I am the person you can trust to guide you in the direction that works best for you. I have been put on this earth to earn trust and create strong relationships. When you’re ready to talk real estate I’m only a phone call away.

Alex Turner

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