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Lidia Baca

Loan Officer

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1777 S. Harrison Street
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About Aslan

Our goal is simple: To help every family we serve get to “Yes.”

Yes to the loan that unlocks the joy of home ownership.

Yes to the lending solutions that meets every client’s unique needs and wants.

That’s why we dedicate our every resource to serve as your personal guide through the lending process, solving problems, building confidence. Aslan has access to every lending option leading to the purchase or refinance of a residential home loan. 

This is more than work for us. It is our unique joy in this life to share our collective skill, creativity, and care to bring you and your family right to where you belong. 

Let’s make home happen.

Making a Positive Impact

Something incredible happens when you get to practice your passion every day. For Lidia Baca, that reality arrived back in 2010. Lidia had started her career in real estate selling homes. But after a decade in the industry, Lidia made the move to become a loan officer. She hasn’t looked back since. In short order, Lidia discovered a true love for teaming with clients and walking them through the lending process, helping them find the best lending solution for their specific needs. She wants every client she cares for to feel both prepared and comfortable at every step of their purchase or refinance. 

While Lidia is nearing a decade of work as a loan officer, she’s bested that record in marriage, happily celebrating 33 years with her husband. Even better, she’s busy spending time with her son and his family, doting on her three beautiful grandchildren. In her spare time, Lidia enjoys gardening, decorating, cooking and hiking in and around Colorado.