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Jennifer Asbury

Loan Officer

(720) 212-9758
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1777 S. Harrison Street
Denver, CO 80210

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Let's Make Home Happen

Just about anyone can sell a house. A property. An address. But it takes so much more to help a buyer feel at home with the most important purchase of their lives. Throughout our collective decades of experience, the people of Aslan have come to know just how much goes into a decision like this. That’s why we dedicate our every resource to serve as your personal guide through the lending process, solving problems, building confidence. Because every client we serve deserves the unique rewards that come with having that special place they can call their own.

This is more than work for us. It is our unique joy in this life to share our collective skill, creativity, and concern to bring you and your family right to where you belong.


When it comes to lending solutions, there is simply no substitute for experience.

A 27-year veteran of the industry, I've acquired a complete skillset for mastering highly complex financial situations. I've invested fourteen years of my career working in the retail mortgage business, and another nine as a private banker working with high net-worth individuals and their families. I estimate that 75% of my clientele over the years have been self-employed, meaning I'm no stranger to complicated tax returns. These years of walking my clientele through these financial situations and scenarios has given me the unique ability to help first-time homebuyers feel comfortable throughout the entirety of the lending process. And now, with Aslan’s access to every lending option available, I am ready to employ my experience in helping new clients get to YES!