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Bob Mitchell lived in southern and northern California but has lived in the great state of Colorado since 1995. Most of his career has been spent in the mortgage industry, and Aslan welcomes his expertise. He began his career repossessing vehicles and then foreclosing on homes in banking. From there he transferred to post-closing auditing, retail/wholesale underwriting, operations management, and many other facets. Because of his skillset in underwriting and management, he was recruited to private mortgage banking. He’s been in that world ever since.

Bob’s 30 years of experience help him see problems before they arise and decipher the needs of clients quicker than most. He’s chosen to work with Aslan because of their level of professionalism, drive, and overall desire to make a difference in the mortgage industry. “Aslan is a breath of fresh air,” he says. Bob has been married for 35 years with one daughter and four grandkids. He’s involved in local theatre with his wife and volunteers with a special needs theater group, a theater organization that fundraises money for African children to attend camp, and Friends For Youth. You may not know that Bob competed in an International Barbershop Chorus competition and won 4th place in the world out of 700 chapters.