What sets Aslan Home Lending Corporation Apart

Loan experts, client relationships, and underwriters are just a few aspects of a mortgage company. So what is the difference between Aslan Home Lending Corporation and everyone else? 

A Servant’s Heart

We are a women-owned team that has a servant’s heart, we will get to yes no matter the circumstances or situation. Women face unique challenges in their quests to make an impact, making 91% of housing decisions and control 90% of the purse strings in households and we are them.  Rewards and recognition are nice, but they are not our only motivation to succeed.  Our compassion for others, expertise, and knowledge will secure the loan you need. 

Service is Priority

We pride ourselves on our service and want to make every client feel like they are the most important person in our lives. We are wired to listen and we will find solutions. We want our clients to feel that they are heard and taken care of. As Aslan grows, we promise to keep that spirit alive.

The atmosphere we have created allows us to work smarter, not harder. We have access to 33 different lenders to be competitive every day on every product. No product will exist that we can’t find. If we don’t have access we’ll refer the client to someone who can get it. 

With our in-house processors, we will keep a close eye on the loan process ensuring we don’t miss deadlines. 

Every client we serve deserves the unique rewards that come with having a special place they can call their own, contact us today so we can get started and make home happen!