Aslan Home Lending Corp. Borrower Success Story

Joshua is a self-employed real estate agent who is crushing his goals and ready to buy his first house—a condo! Hooray!! Pull out the party hats, right? Not quite. 

Condos are difficult to close because they have more regulations. The process is even more arduous than buying a single-family home. The condo has to be on the approval list. And because they have a different underwriting process from a single-family home, it can take longer to close. 

Joshua got prequalified without documents through Chase. Although it’s possible to get prequalified without documents, this is not a true pre-qualification. In today’s market, nobody will accept these documents as being fully qualified. 

Then Joshua reached out to Trisha Murphy via Facebook. Trisha is a rockstar loan officer at Aslan Home Lending Corporation that does her homework on each and every client she serves. She wants to be sure that they qualify before they go shopping. This is an important thing for a loan officer to do so that their clients know what price range they can look in—especially in today’s market. 

Trisha did a full pre-approval and reviewed all Josh’s documents. During the pre-approval process, Trisha discovered an issue with tax filing due to research done while getting him pre-approved. While the tax surprise was not good, it did alert the borrower to a problem. Trisha was able to get his tax problem resolved, and it was smooth sailing! Trisha recommends talking to your CPA and loan officer at the same time. This could have saved our borrower a lot of heartache during the homebuying process. This issue would not have been discovered and taken care of so quickly if it hadn’t been for Trisha’s due diligence. It only took 16 business days from the time Josha contacted Trisha to the time he closed on his house! We think that’s pretty incredible. 

That’s what we do at Aslan Home Lending Corporation. We strive to help every borrower get to Yes. Yes to their dream home! Are you self-employed and looking for a loan? We specialize in helping self-employed individuals secure home loans! Reach out to us today!

* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with the mortgage advisor for more information.