Aslan: Borrower Success Story

Our loan officers are experts at securing loans for clients—even in difficult situations. Loan officer Jennifer McCain is no exception. She is a top-producing loan officer and is VP of Sales here at Aslan. It’s a title she’s worked hard to acquire. Loan processes can be difficult and complex, but Jenn takes it all in stride. 

Earlier this year, she was working to secure a loan for a couple who inherited a home. The clients needed to refinance the house in order to pay for debts associated with the inheritance.  She started the refinance process with them at the beginning of February. By the third week of February, she had submitted the entire loan back to underwriting for their Clear To Close. The Verbal Verification of Employment came back confirming the borrower had been terminated the second week of February. Jenn immediately called the client and asked what was going on. Had he really been terminated? He said yes and was hoping she wouldn’t find out. By the way—we always find out! He went on to tell Jenn he got a new job. He was earning less with his new job, and in order to make the original refinance work, the clients had to pay off both of their brand-new vehicles. With the lower income it was no longer possible to pay off both vehicles, and still refinance the house. Jenn restructured the loan and came up with a solution. The client would have to return the pickup truck he had just purchased, and buy a less expensive vehicle instead. She called the client back to explain all of this. He didn’t want to return the truck. He was sure they wouldn’t take it back and he was determined to buy another house for his wife. The property Jenn was refinancing had been in borrower's wife's family for over 50 years. Since it was inherited, they didn’t want to live anywhere else. Jenn calmly kept explaining why those other options probably wouldn’t work for their situation. Reluctantly, the client decided to take her advice, returned the truck, and got a different used car with a lower monthly payment. It was then that they were able to close on the loan. The couple has been living in their family's home ever since! These complex situations don’t deter Jenn. As she said, “That’s the kind of client I can handle.”

Not all lending situations are created equal. Some loans are complicated and require some extra footwork. But the lion isn’t Aslan’s mascot for nothing. We don’t back down. We keep working until we find the solution that works for our clients. Are you seeking a loan to make your dream of home come true? That’s our speciality. Reach out to one of our experienced loan officers today!

* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with the mortgage advisor for more information.